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the cutting room floor

journal stylesheet by refuted
1776, academia, afternoon tea, age gaps, age of sail, alliteration, alternate history, amaretti, america, an cafe, angsty fiction fluffy rl, anime, aristophanes, asterix, axis powers hetalia, baccano!, being inappropriate, being socially awkward, bill bailey, british history, british imperial history, bunnies, c.c., canada, cats, cccp, chess, classics, code geass, colin meloy, colonialism, communism, cosplay, crossdressing, cultural history, david hume, death note, dickensian urchins, dinosaurs, discworld, doctor who, doujinshi, earthian, england, euripides, european history, facepunching, fanfiction, feminism, fightsex, france, gay countries, gay superheroes, gelato, gentlemen bastards, girls in suits, giving you nightmares, going to hell, good omens, hats, hetalia, his majesty, historical clusterfucks, history, history is really gay, homer, homestuck, hugs, hungary, iambic pentameter, imperial ideology, imperialism, in soviet russia, inglourious basterds, italy, japan, kink, kuroshitsuji, leather boots, leitmotif, london, loveless, magnificent bastards, manga, meta, music, neil gaiman, never enough research, never unseeing it, new york city, obsession, obsessive detail whoring, oh england, paris, pasta, period clothing, philosophy, photography, pirates, poking characters with sticks, politics, purikura, rail tracer, reading, riding crops, scarves, scott pilgrim, sewing, shakespeare, sherlock bbc, sleep, studio ghibli, sucks to be czes, suits, sushi, symbolism, tea, temeraire, the decemberists, the hunger games, the shins, theory and practice, thwip, tiger and bunny, too much research, travel, trolin meloy, troll romance, tvtropes, uk/us ust, venice, victoriana, wig styling, world conquest, writing, yun kouga